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Our Sherborne mattresses are available in a number of sizes.  Order as a Marquis or Slimline Classic, then there is also the Deluxe or Supreme which both have a choice or either a soft, medium or firm to suit your sleeping preference. Or lastly the thicker Victoria mattress which is shown lower down the page as well as the sprung Classic model

Marquis Mattress

Sherborne Marquis Mattress

Made of 100% standard foam with a coolmax cover - Only available as a 3ft size.

Classic Mattress

Sherborne Slimline Classic Mattress

The classic mattress features a coolplus cover to lessen overheating, and is comprised of a 13.5cm thickness of reflex foam base with top layer 2.5cm of pressure relieving memory foam.

Deluxe Mattress

Deluxe Mattress for Sherborne Adjustable Bed






The Deluxe mattress includes a generous layer of pressure relieving memory foam over a thicker supportive layer of REFLEX foam and is designed for the moving contours of adjustable beds and have a Cool-Max cover to stop overheating problems.

Supreme Mattress

Sherborne Adjustable Bed Supreme Mattress







The Supreme mattress offers a slightly softer top and even more temperature control.  A generous layer of pressure relieving memory foam over a thick supportive layer of REFLEX foam and Latex Foam is designed especially for the moving contours of the adjustable bed.

Victoria Mattress

Victoria Mattress

The Victoria mattress from Sherborne is a little thicker than the Deluxe or Supreme mattresses, overall thickness is 24cm. Please note that pattern has now changed from what is shown on the image above.

Royal Mattress

Sherborne Royal Mattress

The Royal mattress which has many layers including two sprung sections

Both the Hampton & Dorchester bed bases stand 16" high (or 40.5cm) including legs/casters/glides. This measurement is taken from the floor to the top of the bed base itself. Please then add the thickness of the mattress, as shown above, for the full height.

Please consider your choice of mattress very carefully as for hygiene reasons we cannot offer exchanges or returns.


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