These are the Sherborne mattresses available across the adjustable bed range.

Classic Slimline Mattress

The classic mattress features a coolplus cover to lessen overheating, and is comprised of a 13.5cm thickness of reflex foam base with top layer 2.5cm of pressure relieving memory foam. As this is a slimline mattress it is suitable for the person looking for an overall lower bed.

Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress


The Deluxe mattress includes a generous layer of pressure relieving memory foam over a thicker supportive layer of REFLEX foam and is designed for the moving contours of adjustable beds and have a Cool-Max cover to stop overheating problems. The Deluxe mattress can also be ordered in three levels of firmness being Soft, Medium or Firm.

Eton 1000 Sprung Mattress

The Eton 1000 mattress has been specially developed to sit on adjustable bed bases and features pocketed springs which give a more individual support to the user. Also this mattress has a polycotton top layer for the superb comfort levels. The Eton 1000 mattress can be ordered in either Standard or Firm.

Elegance 2000 Sprung Mattress

The Elegance 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress has individual springs that sit in their own pocket (hence the name) and move on their own to create better comfort levels for the user. This is because they move in a more accurate way, supporting exactly the places with more weight and less so in areas with less weight. These spring units mixed with layers of luxurious wool, cotton, silk and cashmere create and overall superbly comfort mattress. There is also an extra layer of mini springs in Elegance mattresses. This mattress is available in Standard firmness only.

Both the Hampton & Dorchester bed bases stand 16" high (or 40.5cm) including legs/casters/glides. This measurement is taken from the floor to the top of the bed base itself. Please then add the thickness of the mattress, as shown above, for the overall full height.

Please consider your choice of mattress very carefully as for hygiene reasons we cannot offer exchanges or returns.


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